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Agreement on Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Institute for National Security Strategy(hereinafter "INSS"), pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws, asks whether you agree to INSS's collection and use of personal information. Please read the following details and indicate whether you agree to it.

○ Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
- INSS collects personal information only to provide and/or receiving INSS newsletter, and other mailing services.

○ Information INSS collects for mailing service
- Required information : Email address

○ Retention of Collected Information
- The INSS shall immediately delete user's personal information from its mailing lists when the user cancels subscription from INSS newsletter.

○ Refusal to consent
- Users have the right to refuse to collection of information. However, if the user refuse to consent, the INSS will be unable to provide INSS newsletter.

○ Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
- The INSS does not share any of the collected personal information without the user's consent.


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