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Vol. 33 No. 2 Autumn/Winter 2020


Jan 19, 2021
Bruce Klingner, Sung-Yoon Chung, Gong Keyu, Byong-Chul Lee, Jongchul Park, Doo-Jin Kim
Korean Peninsula, Foreign Policy, Emerging Security
  • contents
      o Biden Administration’s Korea Policy Represents Change and Continuing Challenges - Bruce Klingner

      o How Will North Korea Respond to Shifts in the US-China Relationship? - Sung-Yoon Chung

      o A Shifting Northeast Asian Security Landscape and China-ROK-Japan Arctic Cooperation - Gong Keyu

      o Denuclearization of North Korea: A Phased Approach to the Zone of Possible Agreement - Byong-Chul Lee

      o Characteristics of the Korean Peninsula Arms Control Model and Its Gradual Implementation - Jongchul Park

      o The EU after Brexit and Potential Impact on East Asia: The Economic and Geopolitical Implications - Doo-Jin Kim