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  • Prospects on Northeast Asian Security and ROK’s Choice

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  • The state of international affairs in 2017 gives us many reasons for concern and unease, rather than expectations and hope. No word other than “uncertainties” better describes the hazy future of the international situation.

    The security landscape in Northeast Asia including the Korean Peninsula, in particular, is more fraught with risk than ever. South Korean security is struck between a rock and a hard place for many different reasons. The reckless nuclear and missile provocations by the Kim Jong-un regime will remain this year as the most serious threat to Seoul.

    The Trump administration inaugurated on January 20 seems to chart a line of foreign policy, departing from the one that has been familiar with us. China has made no secret of its intentions of exploiting the issue of deploying the THAAD system in South Korea to jockey for position in vying for hegemony with the US in this part of region. There are also a number of thorny issues which may affect South Korea’s security situation, such as the mood of rapprochement between the US and Russia and the frictions between South Korea and Japan over a statue of a young girl symbolizing victims of Japan’s wartime comfort women.

    To the backdrop, the Institute for National Security Strategy invites experts on Korean issues from leading think tanks in the US, China, Japan, and Russia as well as distinguished scholars in South Korea to an international conference to assess the security landscape in Northeast Asia and explore ways forward for South Korea.

    I cordially ask you to participate in the conference, hoping that creative and effective alternatives will be worked out for stability in Northeast Asia, peace on the Korean Peninsula, and denuclearization of North Korea.

    Shin Un
    President of the Institute for National Security Strategy

    February 9, 2017 (Thu) 13:00-18:00
    International Conference Hall(20F), Korea Press Center