Welcome to the Institute for National Security Strategy

Newly inaugurated in January 2007, the Institute for National Security Strategy is a government-funded public research institute. The institute stems from the former Research Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and serves to comply with the rapid change of the domestic and international security environment.

The INSS has so far addressed a wide range of in-depth policy alternatives in regards to diplomacy, national security, economic policy and inter-Korean issues. While strengthening research capabilities on North Korea, the INSS has expanded its scope of research into the field of new threats to international security, which embraces the formulation of future strategies, global terrorism, and international crimes.

The INSS has been successful in achieving the necessary research capabilities to create policy alternatives aimed at winning the ever more intensified global competition while maximizing national interests. Moreover, the INSStakes pride in organizing the most suitable and competitive system in terms of research achievements being reflected in national policy decisions.

We can assure you that the INSS will continue to make its best efforts, keeping in mind that our main mission is to play a leading role in national development and to maximize national interests in the information age of the 21st Century .

We greatly appreciate your support and interest.